Dec 17, 2016

- a course about contemporary art, critical art and the freedom of speech for artists from Norway and in Russia.

Dec 17, 2016
As reported by colleagues from the Barents Secretariat, it has been decided to invite 10 Russian journalists to the Norwegian town of Kirkenes for the legendary art festival Barents Spektakel.
Nov 25, 2016

The theme of the meeting: Is there a crisis in modern journalism? Time: November 26, from 10:00 to 12:00.. Admission is free, registration is not required.

Apr 22, 2016
Mar 25, 2016

Annual Meeting


HAPARANDA, APRIL 21-24,  2016


Barents Press International annual meeting
21-24 April 2016


Thursday, April 21

 19:00  Evening snacks.

 Barents Reunion

 Petri Suopanki, Haparanda, about the Barents Reunion, an annual event in Haparanda/Tornio with the aim of promoting cooperation between the five nations in the Barents Region.


Friday, April 22

8:00  Registration

 9:00   Welcome (Tim Andersson, Chairman of Barents Press Sweden)

 09:15   The Media Digitization - what does it mean for journalism?

 How can the mainstream media take advantage of digitization? What is done in the different Barents-countries?

 Participants: Ulrica Widsell , Swedish Union of Journalists, Jyri Kataja-Rahko, YLE, Fin. Ev John Inge Johansen, NRK Lofoten.

 10:00   COFFEE and time for networking

10:30  Better fact checking – a journalistic advantage in the digital age?

 Journalism is losing position when everyone can be their own publisher. But the internet do not only distribute sharp and important news, but also rumours and false news. Can better source criticism be a winning concept for the media and journalists in the battle for the audience? Jack Werner, Swe, creator of Viralgranskaren (Viralinvestigator).

 11:15   Patchwork Barents - a Gold Mine for Journalists

 Liza Vasilieva, the Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes, presents Patchwork Barents, a useful database about the Barents Region.

 12:00   LUNCH and time for networking

 13:30   Storytelling Through the Camera Lens

 The Australian photographer Michael Miller, now staying in Kirkenes, about storytelling with pictures from Kirkenes-Murmansk region.

 14:00   Tighter Border Controls - How Does It Affect Us?

  The border between Russia and Norway, but also between Finland and Sweden, has become harder to trespass. How does it effect the Barents cooperation?

 Participants: WORK IN PROGRESS.

 14:45   COFFEE and time for networking

 15:15    Educating Journalists in Barents

 How to think and what to challenge for the educational institutions in the Barents Region? Students and education leaders from all the countries invited.

16:00   1. Student Workshop

A first step to a more cross-border cooperation between journalism courses in the Barents Region. Objective: To create a framework and methodology for this cooperation.

 2. Time to re-establish the Barents cooperation?

 A conversation between Sergei Petrovitsj, Russian Chairman of the Barents Council, and a swedish official (WORK IN PROGRESS).

16:45   Annual Meeting (formally) Barents Press International

 17:30 Free Time

 19.00 Dinner


Saturday, April 23

 BREAKFAST from 08.00

 09:15    Independent Barents Observer

 Atle Staalesen, Nor, about the project Cross-border journalism focusing on media and civil society.

 10:00   COFFEE and time for networking

 10:30   Media Ethics in the Barents Region

 What about the Media ethics in the Barents countries? What is accepted to tell? What is not? Are there rules for what journalists can do out from work – e. g. in social media, etc.?

 Participants: Ulrica Widsell, SJF, Swe, Jyri Kataja-Rahko, YLE, Fin. possibly Ina Lindahl Nyrud, Nor?

 11:15 Yanukovitch Leaks

Vlad Lavrov and Oleg Khomenok from Kiev, Ukraine, presents the award-winning online tool Yanukovitch Leaks which opened up the former president's archives and revealed corruption and other journalists in the otherwise inaccessible Ukraine.

 They also tell about a new journalistic investigative-project that kicks off in Ukraine this Spring.

 12:00    LUNCH and time for networking

 13:30    The Media War 1

 The exile-russian journalist Alexei Kovalev previously worked at the Ria-Novosti before Putin made it into a propaganda organ. Why did he leave? Why does he take risks in order to reveal the truth in Russia?

 Kovajov today operates a blog where he reveals the lies mainly in the Russian media, a blog that is read by up to 60 000 Russians a day.

 14:15   The Media War 2

 The propaganda war between Russia and the West is made not only by established and traditional media. Also in social media rumors and fabricated stories are spread to strengthen a part and discredit the others.

 How should Media handle this?

Participating: Jack Werner, Swe. Ulrica Widsell, SJF Swe, Vlad Lavrov and Oleg Khomenok from Kiev, Ukraine.

 15:00    COFFEE and time for networking

 15:30    Barents Press International Ahead?

 A conversation between the four countries, President/boards, on how future cooperation should look like.

 16:30 Open

19.00: Dinner and Barents-party


Sunday, April 24

 Departure day.



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