What are children´s best?

Aug 17, 2016

Norwegian childcare have made headlines in a lot of countries during the last years, not least in Russia. What is it all about? How can there be so different opinions about children´s rights, parents rights and the difference between violence and upbringing?

Barents Press invites Russian journalist to Tromsø for lectures, discussions, excursions, critique and more knowledge about the Norwegian Childcare.

31 th of October – 4 th of November 2016

Where: Tromsø

Maximum number of participants: 10

When to apply: Before 3 th of October

How to apply: Make a letter and describe why this course is important for you as a journalist, and send it to….

For further information, contact: Anki Gerhardsen, Barents Press Norway: anki.gerhardsen@gmail.com