Dec 17, 2016

- a course about contemporary art, critical art and the freedom of speech for artists from Norway and in Russia.

Dec 17, 2016
As reported by colleagues from the Barents Secretariat, it has been decided to invite 10 Russian journalists to the Norwegian town of Kirkenes for the legendary art festival Barents Spektakel.
Nov 25, 2016

The theme of the meeting: Is there a crisis in modern journalism? Time: November 26, from 10:00 to 12:00.. Admission is free, registration is not required.

Apr 22, 2016
Mar 25, 2016

Digitization of media and checking facts

Mar 23, 2016

Journalists from four countries will soon meet in the Swedish town of Haparanda. On April 21-24 it will host the Annual Meeting of Barents Press International. The themes of this year are various. But the leading one is the digitization of media. What does it mean for us? What we do we lose or acquire moving totally to the virtual and digital world?


Leading journalists and editors of the Barents region countries will try together to answer the question if journalists lose their professional positions in the time when every Internet user becomes the author of the news.

The theme Struggle for Audiences will also be discussed: public gossip and rumors against proven facts and professional news. The item of refugees also remains important for the international journalistic community: strengthened control at the borders of our countries – what’s the result of it for the international cooperation?

The situation of the media in Russia is always at the top of international interest. Therefore colleagues will talk about ethical boundaries between propaganda and state media.  There also will be presented the successful Internet resource Patchwork Barents which is a useful and convenient database of the Barents region.

The project by Australian photographer Michael Miller Storytelling with Camera Lens will be presented at the annual meeting as an artistic and documentary reflection.

An important role in the cooperation of the journalistic community of the Barents Region is given to the training of young people. Traditionally, tens of students of journalism come to meet each other and get professional experience.

Another presentation will be about the project for investigative journalists from Kiev Yanukovitch Leaks which tells about data corruption of the President and his associates.

The program also includes a performance by Atle Staalensen, the founder and one of the establishers of the legendary Barents Observer. Last year, the journalists left the previous version of the Observer and founded its independent version: Independent Barents Observer. Atle will talk about the half-yearly free floating and the principles of independence in the Norwegian media.

Complete programme is available here.

The next annual meeting of Barents Press is scheduled in 2017 in Russia.

Natalia Sevets-Ermolina

Photo by Leif Svanberg

Translated by Tatiana Polkova

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